Choosing The Right Roller Blades

If you are looking for skates to use in skate parks, for riding ramps, grinding (sliding) along hard edges like curbs and rails, and trying out stunts, you are looking for Aggressive Skates. These are very robust, have smaller, closer-together wheels for precision, slightly different ankle shape, and sometimes grind-plates attached to the chassis. These kinds of skates can be found in the 'Roller Derby' section.

If you are looking for skates for use on the pavements, for skating down to the shops or to the park, for exercise of fun, you are looking for Recreational Skates. These are lighter and have larger, further-apart wheels for speed and ease of travel.

Young children just starting out, or adults looking for a way to keep fit or get from A to B, will be best suited to Recreational Skates. Skaters into stunts and those into professional park skating, will be best suited to Aggressive Skates. Please do contact us if you need more help choosing the right skate.